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  1. Monu-chan Retired Moderator May 12, 2016

    Quote by XAngelKnight1913Theory exam!?!? The horror....well more like bad experience with them. ^^;;
    Don't want to go through that again. I don't mind reading about the theory, but to test about it is not so great.
    I studied Chemistry.
    It's fun to learn, but the way school grade my things are harsh or just want to find any little mistake and mark it wrong.
    When I tried writing a lab report, it always get mistake in something.
    Tried putting afford in it will lead to too much info or mark wrong for putting unneeded info.
    But those info were related to what I'm doing yet it still marked wrong.
    Put little afford and it is mark as too little explanation.
    Yea...fun time being in the Grade C range because of that. sigh.

    Well in school, theory exam was fun when you had something to write. I'm studying Animation and Fine arts, and questions based on art is hard to explain in words >.> Take example of "what is line?" We all know what is line but dunno how to define it in words >.>

    Ahhh Holy Chemistry, it was fun subject except Organic part...
    Oh! I totally understand that! happened with me too in high school. Professors are very moody and demanding, I can say that. The always complain no matter how much effort we put in it.
    Almost same in college, my composition and color knowledge is good, however my anatomy is bad, figure ends up looking stiff. Whenever I focus more on anatomy teacher says I'm being over confident and not working much on composition and colors, but when I work more on that part, teacher complains I'm neglecting anatomy.... So yeah I know that feels.

    I hope you'll get a good job soon! ^^b

  2. Monu-chan Retired Moderator May 12, 2016

    Quote by XAngelKnight1913
    No problem ^_^
    indeed, you better focus more on studying....unless you only have one class than that's a different story. ^^
    If you have one class than....delay it! lol jk that's what I would do, but not too great of an idea.
    Nothing really happening in my end. Same old same old.
    Helping out in the house. Still looking for job. ^^;;

    Lol@ 1 class thingy xD my college is of 10 shocking hardworking hours >.> however most of classes are done with this semester's syllabus and right now only 2 classes (of 6 hours total) going on. My studies are mostly practical based so theory exams are pain in ass >.>;

    Ohhh I see, what you've studied?

  3. Monu-chan Retired Moderator May 12, 2016

    Quote by XAngelKnight1913 sigh...yup, gotta do our best.
    Also no problem, I know how you feel.
    I feel very lazy too...well that and I'm kinda doing things sluggish. ^^;;

    Sorry again xD
    Well, I gotta push aside my laziness because my semester exam is from 31st may. *inserts dramatically shocked face* lol
    So wassup nowadays?

  4. jakuro May 09, 2016

    Quote by XAngelKnight1913

    Quote by jakuro Whatcha been up to angel?

    Nothing much, just looking for jobs and learning about MMD, but then got distracted by everything.
    Kinda like found one thing that distract me, then it chain into another thing, then another thing, then spread like wild fire. ^^;;
    yea....darn internet, it keep on grabbing my attention and with baits everywhere.

    I feel you lol - i started my new job and i hardly even know what to DO on the computer...besides stare at the desktop. I feel like i have no time for games anymore :(

  5. jakuro May 08, 2016

    Whatcha been up to angel?

  6. Monu-chan Retired Moderator May 05, 2016

    Quote by XAngelKnight1913

    Quote by Monu-chan Hello Man!
    Been a while isn't it?
    I guess last time we talked was a year or so ago xD
    How you've been?

    hmm...it would seem like it. Wow didn't notice a year past already. O_O
    Well it so and so since last time we talked.
    Some good, some bad. Can't relax fully yet. Life is harsh.
    And how about you?

    Yeah, it's unbelievable xD
    Time flew so fast~
    I could say same for me some good and some bad, mostly bad >.>
    I second life is harsh... but gotta do our best.
    Sorry for late reply, I was kinda busy (okay lazy too x_x)

  7. jakuro May 02, 2016

    Quote by XAngelKnight1913

    Quote by jakuro
    I mean it was girly as hell but I didn't hate it :X I had fun. The opening cinematic will make you vomit though lol

    Hey don't worry about offending me, sometimes I take a while to reply also :P I'm unoffendable - been on the net 2 long

    Oh really? Girly doesn't bother me too much. Might become clueless at times, but if it fun then that would be great. ^_^
    As for the opening cinematic...hhmmm....seem ok to me. Wait, wait just a moment....was there something that's bad, which I might not notice?
    I'm now curious if I missed something. Gotta be, must be, but then what is it?

    Its just SO girly i wana throw up XD

  8. jakuro May 02, 2016

    Quote by XAngelKnight1913

    Not a problem. Mod is very problematic when you try to do it yourself.
    lol I haven't really played the new Final Fantasy games since FFX. ^^;; I plan to but too many other games. I still want to try FF X-2. It looks interesting. Not sure about true FF fans. I just don't think there is such thing as true fans of something, just people that like the stuff more than others. yea.....just my point of view.

    I mean it was girly as hell but I didn't hate it :X I had fun. The opening cinematic will make you vomit though lol

    Hey don't worry about offending me, sometimes I take a while to reply also :P I'm unoffendable - been on the net 2 long

  9. Monu-chan Retired Moderator May 02, 2016

    Hello Man!
    Been a while isn't it?
    I guess last time we talked was a year or so ago xD
    How you've been?

  10. jakuro May 01, 2016

    Haha! yes! that's how it all started for me too. I knew i could bypass that invisible block but.. when i started changing my page with it, I got even more curious what other elements I could change.. I can't say that I haven't ripped people's ideas and ended up with an entire cascade of tricks and options lol - with no css classes or anything.. ive managed to learn everything backwards, from looking at code.

    I see a lot of people's pages that are chaotic and I want to make one for them so they can change it how they want eventually x3 I dont care if people change what I do

    Its great to be here in New Mexico with my dad but it'll be a lot of hard work.. especially because I'll be working at his restaurant - we should be able to move out by late winter and have our own place.

    The only game i've played from your list is Dynasty Warriors XD I'm very behind on console games, I haven't ever owned one.. I'm a PC gamer.. currently playing World of Warcraft : Wrath of the Lich King private server :p and Hearthstone.. that card game. Sometimes i'll get on the chat program IMVU.. but I dont do much else lmao

    Resident evil scares me too bad I could never play it very far in lol - the jump scares haha - i can't take it. I'll have nightmares too even though im not really THAT scared -.-
    I haven't played with mods much, i had a few for Morrowind
    I've always wanted to play the new Final Fantasy games just because they looked cool.. I'm sure most true FF fans don't like them I've played FF I thru FF X-2

  11. jakuro Apr 30, 2016

    Quote by XAngelKnight1913 ooo I see I see. Well I'm not really a conversation starter.
    I can't really start a conversation, but I might be able to continue it.
    So then you're one step ahead of me. ^^
    Thanks ^^ I like yours too. Looks professional and neatly organized. ^_^
    Mine is just a simple modification, nothing much compare to yours. ^^;;
    It is just the default setting with some pictures and change of background color.
    So much CSS code I touch and then decide to leave it alone.
    Sorry if my post long. When people talk to me, I kinda try to express myself more.
    Because sometimes people misunderstand me when I use short answers.

    Lol i totally understand - starting is the easy part XD. I like the right-click inspect feature of chrome, its what got me started changing every little thing lol >< glad you like my page ive gone totally overboard rofl. the girl on yours is sexy with her fairy-likeness ..haha..your post isnt too long its my pleasure :D
    I'm currently moving out of my house so I will only be on MT for a bit.. everything else takes too much time.

    Do you play any videogames right now?

  12. jakuro Apr 30, 2016

    i force it wen im curious about someone x3 otherwise i got nothing to say.
    thank you >< i'm a little obsessed with userpages, only a little, just enough to have a heart attack. I really like yours, its classy. nice job

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